Francesca, Anna Maria, Simona e Caterina

Old Whisky s.r.l.
Via Nicola Fabrizi 2 / 7
Quinto al Mare
16148 Genova
P.IVA 02376840993
tel. 0103209498

The founder: Giampaolo Mazzei, industrialist and owner of a leader in Europe motor vehicle mechanical anti-theft factory, decided in 2001 to transfer all his activities when these were in full commercial expansion. In the same year, as a whisky fan he decided to create for hobby the Old Whisky. His wife Anna Maria Serafini became its owner. His daughter Simona Mazzei took care of the marketing and business side. His daughter Francesca Mazzei took care of the administrative part. His daughter Caterina Mazzei took care of the website. Over the years, the Old whisky passion and seriousness has made it to become a worldwide realty. In 2015, Simona, Francesca and Caterina, all three wives and mothers with two children, decided to continue their career with a job more relevant to their personal studies and to their families. In March 2015 a new associate joined the company. He has all the charateristics to continue the activity with even greater enthusiasm, remaining firm to the principle of absolute seriousness. This new partner will be a pleasant surprise for all the world.